JCB Heavy Duty Fork Attachment

Our Heavy duty fork extension hire at Drogheda Hire is one of the most important pieces of industrial-use equipment ever developed. Helps with lifting and transporting of materials, especially heavy loads, would be considerably more difficult and certainly more time consuming without the use of this forklift. It’s as simple as that – especially for operations that use payloads, which forklifts lift and transport excellently.

This fork extension hire enables forklifts to operate even more efficiently for certain types of jobs. For easy installation to forklift trucks our forks have credible heel pins and fully pressed profile with rounded corners for easy lifting of materials. Does not corrode or crack, specifically designed for harsh conditions with 8 mm thick steel and black powder-coated finish, this forklift also have 6 mm tip thickness for flexible splitting of packs, very easy to install and operate.