Teleporters for Construction 

Teleporters are the new byword for safety and versatility in construction. These four-wheeled vehicles with a telescopic booms are capable of supporting a wide range of attachments which enables the teleporter to perform many different tasks.

Teleporters also known as telehandlers are the Swiss army knife of on site construction machines and with the right attachments one machine can transform  itself to become crane, digger, forklift, big boom height and many more besides.

Modern construction sites are a far cry from those of even 20 years ago. Equipment needs to perform and be safe to use whatever the weather. Vehicles need to be versatile and have the ability to tackle a variety of tasks on the construction site and this is where teleporters are the perfect fit.

The best teleporter for the job will depend on the construction project your building and the best teleporter will be the one with the required maximum reach and lift capacity.

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